From the recording Trippy (Anderson Paak Funstyle)


The wind is goin that way
Funny my direction
Got a big heart maintaining all my
Middle finger fuck anybody
Thinking I’m second
poppin off
A single
I’m fortifying a legacy

Mastered my energy
Life aint getting the best of me
Got the right ingredients
Now to follow the recipe
Chasing achievements
Something lit is Whats next for me

Stepping stones be my estacy
Treat her body like amphetamine
Only got her cause the feta means

Stuck n the middle throw a party
I ain’t paying nobody online streams

I think it’s lazy ima do the work
Pay me

I been a prince
you could never play me

Back when I was on train
to Babylon
Ty would pick me up
In his mommy car
Back then
I was star

Fast forward to the
I filling the part

Filling my cart
With all parts
In the trunk

Watch how I put it together
Pulp fiction
Strawberry letter

I’m only get better
I ain’t here to play around
Sav-B reporting love from the underground

Aint it crazy how life go

Ups and downs it’s all a cycle

Get a grip or be psycho

getting my dough
Getting mighty high doe
When you walk past first class
Wave hi tho