My Journey.   

I started this website with the intentions to only promo my music and poetry.  But I am so much more.  It is 2019 and I have made success and mistakes.  I've hurt people I love, lost people I love, learned about myself, stopped caring what others think, and gained a new focus for my vision. Most importantly I stopped lying to myself. I'm 26 and I wish I would have handled situations a lot better but that does not mean I can not be better moving forward. I plan too.  I will. Whoever reads this I don't care if you judge me. This is my truth.  Sav-B 1st Start1st.

This for my ppl pitching from the Mound 

Do you thing 

Just know public defenders Got workloads for couple miles 

But im still screaming Fuck 12 aint no pedophile Ruffle the feathers 

On the Gentile Use your mental 

No gentle Cause life will plug 

You either way Eat it annamae 

No trigger warming 

Just Trigger kiss 

Blowing  brains aneurysm Aint religious 

But im Godly 

Feel like marcus gravey Thats old block 

We moved when jermey Got popped 

Heard his momma screaming 

With towel from up the bloc Want to wipe her son blood 

Cause now that all she got imagine in my mind 

I ran from crime I seen it bring pain 


Spread love open arms 

I wanna win so im holding On!

July 7, 2020

We are consistent.  Studio is almost up and running. "The Black Room". New goals are being met, new accomplishments are laid at my feet.  I work hard to keep my happiness present, sometimes it leaves when I think about the past, but I know that I am smarter and better from it all.  I'll tell you one thing tho! That AMG S 63 is NIOCE! Black on Black clean! We going to have that very soon.  

I have so much more control over myself, and my emotions.  I'm proud of that. Proud of myself.  I stand on Dignity, Integrity and Discipline.  Sending love to all the people who have experience loses during the pandemic.  My grandmother passed on and I didn't get the chance to move her out of the projects.  It hurt bad, but she told me not to wear that burden and I will listen.  I'm making a way for my family. Seeing it unfold is breathtaking, but I must stay focus, because there is a long road ahead and countless lessons I will have to learn along the way.  Im ready for them all.


Question to self:

Am I in control of my emotions, or am I becoming indifferent?  I want to care, I don't want to be heartless.